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Which Way Nigeria?

Posted to the web: 12/22/2005 3:57:47 AM

Which way Nigeria,can somebody out there answer me?How many more of plane clashes should we expect from the Aviation Ministry?What have those innocent souls who perished in the plane clashes done to deserve the kind of horrible deaths they suffered?When will our leaders wake up from their sleeping slumber?Please let somebody out there tell them that it is already morning.
It is high time Nigerian government stopped appointing incompetent officials to mount sensitive ministries in the country.Let our appoinments be based on merit.Let nepotism go,let tribalism go,let ethnicism go and let religion go,too.If only we can allow professionalism take stand in our government today,this untimely deaths will be a thing of the past.
I want the Nigerian government to set up a committee to check the activities of the Aviation ministry.We really want to know and be sure that our brothers and sisters did not die as a result of negligence of duty on the part of the Aviation officials.Or as a result of the Nigerian factor (corruption)which has been legalised by our so-called elected leaders.Please let all hands be on deck.We have had enough of this barbaric leadership.If somebody is not killed here for political reasons,somebody is being relieved of his appointment for reasons best known to our leaders.If somebody is not being tortured here,somebody is being haunted there in the name of fighting corruption.Is the fight against corruption in Nigeria a thorough fight or crafty fight?Where is the money being recovered from the so-called corrupt officials?And how many years imprisonment do they serve?Are they being treated like common criminals?If they were,why will the police once big boss not serve long term?I think it is high time our leaders stopped playing with ou destiny.

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