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Two Brothers Inject Themselves With Steroids To Create 28-Inch Biceps. Photos

Two brothers with biceps measuring between 25 to 28 inches have revealed they inject themselves with steroids as well as undertake a gruelling fitness and diet regime. Tony ‘Hulk’ Geraldo , 49, and Alvaro ‘Conan’ Pereira, 50, idolise muscled actor; Arnold Schwarzenegger.

According to reports, the pair regularly inject steroids used as a vitamin for cows and horses – which their doctor has warned them not to take.

The pair also consume up to 12,000 calories between them each day – and often scoff 12 bananas and six egg whites before a work out.

Since he was 15 Mr Pereira has been injecting his biceps and legs with a supplement called Potenay B12 – which is a kind of multivitamin for large animals such as horses, bulls, cows.

It is reportedly highly addictive, reduces kidney function, causes cardiac arrhythmia and depression, according to a Brazilian health blog .

Mr Geraldo – who has 28 inch biceps – and Mr Pereira have been using the drug since they were teens, but while they say there was a time when they were “addicted to getting big,” they say they now have it under control.

The brothers, from Rio de Janeriro, Brazil, say they started on steroids because they felt they were “too skinny” – when Mr Geraldo weighed 49kg as a teenager, and Mr Pereira weighed 70kg.

But the brothers revealed that their doctor insisted they stop injecting for health reasons, and because their skin cannot stretch anymore.

Mr Pereira’s wife, who he met at the gym, and his seven children support him in getting big.

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