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“They Didn’t Pay Attention To Me”; Obese Woman Blames Her Overweight On Her Family. Photos

An obese lady has admitted she started emotional eating in childhood. According to the lady identified as Karina Garcia, she increased to 633lbs after using junk food as comfort from a young age because she didn’t get enough attention from her mum who worked two jobs.

Appearing on TLC show My 600lb Life, Karina from Coverse, Texas, says she suffered extreme asthma as a child.

And she adopted an unhealthy coping mechanism – eating her feelings of loneliness.

“I had asthma really bad, so I was in and out of the hospital with asthma attacks and I was in an oxygen tent most of the time,” she said.

“I remember them holding me down, pinning me down, sticking IVs in me. I felt like I was suffocating. But my family was always there when I was sick. I remember looking over at my mom and seeing her sitting there crying and watching me suffer.”

By age 10 she was 100lbs.

“Before school and with my allowance, I would buy junk food: chips, soda, cookies, cupcakes,” she admitted. “Food was always there to comfort me no matter what.”

Then at 15 she was 250lbs and fell in with a bad crowd.

“I thought this would be a happy time, but my illness took a financial toll on my family, so my parents were always working,” she said. “When I was younger and in the hospital, everyone paid attention to me, and now it was like I didn’t exist at all. But I really just wanted a little attention. I wanted a hug, but they were too busy to give it, so food was my hug.”

By the age of 23, she was over 400lbs and at 32 she was 480lbs and had to give up her job as a nurse’s assistant.

Her doctor made her see a psychotherapist to deal with her emotional issues and the strained relationships with her parents Maria and Ezequiel and sister Marisabel.

Soon she was back on track and at the end of 12 months had shed a total of 235lbs, taking her down to 398lbs – and was using a walker to get around instead of the wheelchair.

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