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Fertility Cock and Vagina Yam

Conclusion of Igbo Marriage

Conclusion of Igbo Marriage

The tradition of marriage amongst the Igbo is a strong one. Men and woman alike consider it a grand event and engage in negotiating the best marriage opportunity for their children. Not only does marriage offer the opportunity to fulfill kinship obligations, it also fosters social solidarity and gender inclusion. The processes of negotiating bridewealth have been discovered to be multifaceted, each stage illustrating the dignity and honour involved in sharing and building alliances. Marriage is, in no way, viewed as a loss. Rather, it is the mutual creation and sharing of honour. To negotiate marriage is to create a powerful covenant, and all kinds of secrets are excavated in order to ensure that trust is built into the solidarity between wife-givers and wife-takers. Although modernism has influenced the Igbo society in various ways, a very strong cultural continuity exists to secure a good marriage as a part of the abiding relevance of kinship. Fertility cock and vagina yam are significant in that they emphasize the degree to which s-xual bantering is relished and valued in everyday life. They also symbolize the importance of gender relations and s-xuality in the functioning of families and society as a whole.

Now take a look into your own community and join in answering these questions: are there some unique marriage rites, beliefs and practices that can be shared from your community in highlighting our real and symbolic cultural heritages? Is there any reason why marriage culture as a heritage celebration cannot help in building and promoting cultural transformative meanings and applications in Nigerian heritage education and development? 


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Fertility Cock and Vagina Yam

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