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List Of Top Polytechnics In Nigeria

List Of Top Polytechnics In Nigeria Yabatech

1. Yabatech : Yabatech is located in Yaba, Lagos State and are for long the best Nigerian Polytechnic and I don’t think they will give up this position in the nearest future. Due to the standard of the school, they have been awarded the right to offer Degree certification to their students.

2. Nekede Poly: Nekede Polytechnic is second to the best polytechnic in Nigeria and have been trailing just behind Yabatech for sometime now. A much upgraded school after some series of crisis with the school management. Have a very standard learning scale and the students of the school have been making their points in National Polytechnic competitions. Nekepoly is the best Polytechnic in South Eastern Nigeria.

3. Ibadan Poly: Ibadan Polytechnic have climbed a few points to become one of the best Nigerian Polytechnics. Have experienced their fair share on crisis which pulled them down but but now seems to be on the rise. It will be hard to beat Yabatech and NekedePoly. You can’t rule it out though!

4. Auchi Poly: Auchi Polytechnic used to be a fierce competitor of Yabatech but what happened to school is beyond the imagination of most Nigerians, 4th in the ranking is not a bad position but based on the standard or rather the past glory of the school, there is a general feeling that the school should be doing better.

5. Laspotech: An epic rise of Laspotech and a rather surprise of the current ranking, there is a good feeling they will keep it up but how up? Will they match the top 4? This is a rather question for another day but maintaining top 5 Polytechnic in Nigeria is a great feat!

6. Osun Poly Iree: Osun State Polytechnic Iree is the best Nigerian State Polytechnic and 6th Nigerian best Polytechnic. Thanks to good work of Osun State Government!

7. Fed Poly Ilaro: Federal Polytechnic Ilaro is the 7th Best Polytechnic in Nigeria, moving from a few steps up from the previous rankings.

8. Imo Poly: Imo State Polytechnic is the 8th best Nigerian Polytechnic and second best State Polytechnic in Nigeria. Located in the same State and town with Nekedepoly but it is clear to see the deference, perhaps one is a Federal Polytechnic and the Other a State Government own Polytechnic, Imo Poly might be located in a better place than Nekede Poly but they are not of the same standard. It will take Imo Poly decades of hard work to catch of with Nekede Poly; if they ever will. You can’t rule it out as I said before but let’s be realistic here. The difference between Nekede Poly and Imo Poly is not a gap, it’s a chasm!

9. Oko Poly: Oko Polytechic is a new player in Nigerian higher education but have been on the rise for a long time now. Opened in Oko, a neighboring town of Alex Ekwueme’s hometown and as an honor to Ekwueme for his contribution to Nigerian education. Oko Poly have been revamped and have attracted a large number of students. The school itself have been restructured and is currently one of the most good looking Nigerian Polytechnics. 9th is a very good position to be seeing it’s a rather new school judging from the age of other Polytechnics.

10. Kaduna Poly: Kaduna Poly is the best Polytechnic in Northern Nigerian and 10th best Polytechnic. The poor quality of education in Nigeria is apparent seeing that the best Polytechnic in the region is ranked tenth in Nigeria.

11. Mapoly: Mapoly is the 11th ranked Polytechnic in Nigeria.

12. Kwara Poly : Kwara Polytechnic is ranked 12th best Polytechnic is Nigeria, the school is maintaining it’s constant position is Nigerian Polytechnic ranking.

13. Federal Poly Bida: Federal Polytechnic Bida is a clear example of law of diminishing return. My statement on this school might be harsh but it’s the truth. One of the best Polytechnics in Nigerian is now very mush down in the perking order and there is no indication of moving up in the nearest future.

14. Federal Poly Ado: Federal Polytechnic Ado is is the 14th best Polytechnic in Nigeria.

15. Federal Poly Ede: Not mush improvement from the previous ranking, the management Federal Polytechnic, Ede should fight for a way to improving the standard of the school.

16. Offa Poly: Not mush to write about the rather unknown Polytechnic, with due respect, Offa Polytechnic is rarely mention anywhere in Nigerian Education system and the raking is here to confirm it. As I mentioned before, no disrespect intended.

17. Kogi State Polytechnic: Kogi State Education is fighting to improve to sadly, Federal Government is doing little to assist them. Here is my question – What happened to the famous Idah Polytechnic? Believe me when I said Federal Government is doing very little to assist them. Kogi itself is not now for training many students as we know most of the state citizens just don’t go to school. 17th may be poor but there is hope seeing the Epic rise of Kogi State University, Kogi State Poly might follow the part.

18. Rufust Giwa Poly: Rufus Giwa Poly is the 18th best Polytechnic in Nigeria, sorry I can’t write mush about them because I don’t know mush.

19. Fed Poly Nassarawa: Federal Polytechnic Nassarawa ranked 19th in Nigerian Polytechnic ranking.

20. Delta State Poly: Located in the same State with Auchi Polytechnic, Delta State Polytechnic is ranked 20th best Polytechnic in Nigeria. A lot is required from the Delta State Government, seeing the resources of Delta State Government, it’s not hard to achieve.

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