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The Cockroch Is Ready To Die

Author: oshoma samson
Posted to the web: 12/9/2005 6:41:49 PM

           The common proverb our elders normally say's that the cockroch is ready to dance but was prevented by the hen who counted is movement as a violation of territary law. This is applicable to aur present generation especially to nigeria as a develping country. to my own understanding the proverb is related to the demacation between the rich and the poor, the poor and the less privilede are ready to show their talent but were prevented by the rich,wealthy and powerful people who took their movement as an hindrance to their wealthy.They believe that by being sleazy they could acquire more wealth for themself, which made reject any positve ideal offer by the poor that may has been of great value to the nation. It is succint that 'birds of the same feathers flocks together' but the poor should be giving the opportunity  to contribute and express their suggestion to the advancement of the nation.
           In nigeria, the distances between the rich and the poor is correspond to the distance between be heaven and the earth, the rich sees themself to be supreme, they were always refer to with great tithle, while the poor were never recognise. to enlight more of my opinion the fact is that the rich and the were absolutely different, the rich exercise power   and authority over the poor. The greatest thing that surprise me about the rich and the poor is that a poor man who want to succed, if not very vigilant may be easily eliminated by the rich who may be thinking that he will eventually become somebody more recognise than themself. The rich has become the slave_driver to the poor and made them to live a slavery life,they took them as a ship withaut sheperd and lead them astray.There were lots of talented people who could has become a great and useful instrument to the development of this nation,but their their talent has been demolish by some rich people who sees them as an hindrance to their wealth.Their were lots of people who has dreams of taking this nation to it's promise land, but their dreams has been made a charter dream.It is aut of reach of any poor man to imagine leaving a condusive life or riding a car, even if he imagine it just a vain imagination,while the rich has fleets of cars, even the sheet anchor for this nation is running after sole money.
           Let take into consideration what limited the poor from exercising their human right and contribution to the political and economical development of this nation. They were denie the right to infractural facilities,the right to a well condusive enviroment. Most of our rural enviroment get there drinking water from wells, stream and river which expose them to all sorts of disease such as cholera and water burn disease, while in the urban enviroment, especially the place specialise for the rich, their were adequate supply of water.lack of transportation also contribute to the the diminishment of the poor ,most of our  road were very bad which made tansportation very difficult, some travel a long kilometre to get their daily neads,but the rich enjoy all this.Lack of eletricity also worst the situation and lead lots of students astray,a student who was very talented and keen in entaitament but donot knew anything like television may decide to study science and therby lost it's talent or go anthagonist to his destineys. The poor find it difficult to express themself publicly which could facilate people to them, for example a man who is keen in music but because of lack of revenue  was unable to show himself, while there were lots of people who are not keen in music but were highly rcognise musician. They were denie the right for communication network,despise the fact that gsm is all over the nation, some people find it diffult to afford it, those that has it find it difficult to recharge it regularly.Like myself, i'm using the third simcard now because of freguent blocking of my simcard, after a long time of not recharging it.
           Educationally, the rich has a great demacation between themself and the poor,any child born with silver spoon from a wealthyback ground attended the best shool with a condusive learning enviroment where there were qualify teachers who could devoted all their time to teach,they also has electronics means of learning like television and computer.Examination malpractism is commonly practice among the wealthy children, some bought certificate from the examination board, but the poor who lament before getting money  for the examination will pepared adequately for it.Some were ask to paid money before the could recieved any lecture on a daily bases,like the school i attended, the teachers that taught was the type of teachers that took money before teaching.
         The rich travel mostly by air, they got the safiest and comfortable means of transportation,but the poor find it difficult to travel by road let alone traveling my air.To my great amazement, when a rich man die , it would be annouce all over the nation, their would be a national mourning but when a poor man die , nobody will even paid ateention.The death of chief M.k.o Abiola cause a lot of riot which claim lifes and properties, he was finally giving a pleasant burial to show that a rich hero has go beyond but when Baba sule one of the retire army who has use his life to defence his nation die few years ago , nobody notice his death till his corps smelled and stinky after spending seven days inside, before some good samaritan were able to took the  corps away.
         In conclusion, i would like the goverment to provide infractural facilities,social amenities to make the poor stop smilling in poverty,free education should be provide all over the nation.The rich should humble themself and should be kind to the poor,they should remember that the Very Important Person of today may be the Very  Important Prisonal tommorow,and while climbing the ladder of success. they should be kind to those they left behinde because they may end up at the bottom of the ladder.I believe if all this are been put in practice the country would be at it equillibrium stage

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