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Stay Connected

Author: Eigbe Odianose
Posted to the web: 12/6/2005 9:59:55 AM

STAY CONNECTED Stay connected means for one to be in contact with a particular thing. Remaining, linkng, logging into a contact. Everyone in life just needs to be connected to something that will sustain him or her here on the planet earth. And this connection might be sources of income; power from NEPA and daily wants and demands. But the ultimate connection is the one we get from the creator through the third person in trinity i.e. THE HOLY SPIRIT. HE CONNECTS TO OUR SPIRIT AND LEADS US TO THE FATHER. Stay connected can be on the positive or the negative; it depends on the side you want to stay connected. A man of God said, if you don’t give to God then you give to Satan, likewise if you don’t connect yourself to God then you connect to Satan, but the best connection is that of the almighty God. YOUR CONNECTION WITH GOD DETERMINES YOUR CONNECTION WITH MAN. Every man in life needs one thing or the other to survive, these has made man to struggle for daily bread and swear to make ends meet. As a result man has lost focus and depends on their own intelligent to thinking they are wise forgetting the fact that the foolishness of God is superior to the wiseness of man. And the dependent on man’s promises has caused most man to lose hope and to faint for man promise performance, but God perform promise. A successful believer is that man that kabashes to is connector for connection that makes him to collect here on earth and in heaven. YOUR CONNECTIVITY WITH DIVINITY WILL MAKE YOU AN ENTITY. A man that seeks for the connection of God seeks a good thing. He made fishermen to be fishers of men, he made amateur build the ark, and he made a carpenter’s son to be a savior of the world. All these were made possible by the connection they heard with their creator. If God can use these ones then your future is very bright and shining, remember he said that we shall do great works more than him if only we can believe HIS WORD IS YEA AND AMEN, WHATEVER HE PROMISES HE DOES,HOLD HIM TO HIS PROMISE AND SEE IF HE WILL NOT DO IT.

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