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DSP Alamieyeseigha
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Alamieseigha's Case, HNDC Stand!

Author: Comrade Sunny Ofehe
Posted to the web: 11/26/2005 9:51:45 AM

Alamieyeseigha Case. Our Stand

Hope for Niger Delta Campaign, HNDC, The Netherlands have watched and followed the political quagmire in Bayelsa State since the arrival of the embattled state governor, chief Deprieye Alamieyeseigha.

Based on our commitment to peace and justice in the Niger Delta region, we have decided the following-: The money laundry charges brought against the governor in the United Kingdom have been investigated by our team. Based on our findings, it is hereby confirmed that Alamieyeseigha is a corrupt public office holder who has brought shame and disgrace to the poor and economically deprived citizen to which he owes allegiance. To have jump bail and thereby forfeiting the bail bond of 1.5 Million Pounds and also the properties that stood as collateral to the U.K authorities has brought huge financial lose to Bayelsa state. These are all money stolen from the state coffers by a democratically elected governor.The manner of escape from the UK has further dent the already damaged image of our great country Nigeria abroad. Nigerians have been known to be highly deceitful and untrustworthy people. For an elected office holder to have escaped in the guise of a lady is a shame to our democratic process.While we of the Niger Delta region in Diaspora is using every available non-violent means to bring light into the dark chambers of pessimism, here we have our own son – a democratically elected son, given a mandate to speak for a state – hereby looting the state treasure to build wealth abroad.We hereby support the move for the impeachment of Chief D.S.P. Alamieyeseigha as the executive governor of Bayelsa State. His expulsion from the political party on whose platform he became the governor, is also a welcome development. He must be extradited to the United Kingdom to face the due process of law. His case should serve as a deterrent to all other public office holders in the Niger Delta region. If you toe the line of corruption, you will be rejected in strong term by your own kinsmen.SignComrade Sunny OfehePresident & FounderHope for Niger Delta Campaign, HNDCThe Netherlands23rd November, 2005.

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