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Alamieseigha's Case, HNDC Stand!

DSP Alamieyeseigha

Author: Knobby
Posted to the web: 11/26/2005 9:13:20 AM

I have read lots of wild reports in the Nigerian press regarding the 'Amazing' dissapearance of the Bayelsa State Governor, Dieprey Alamieyeseigha from the clutches of the Metropolitan Police in London.
I do not think Nigerian fully understand that it is not the Metropolitan Police who should be embarressed by this 'escape' but the United Kingdom Judiciary. Lets be fair shall we, it was the Judge sitting at Southwark Crown Court in London who released Diepreye Alamieyeseigha on conditional bail NOT the Metropolitan Police who I am sure would have thrown his cell key away if they could have.
I have also read that the AG from the Federal Government assisted in the 'Prosecution' of Alamieyeseigha- far from the truth, he hasn't even been prosecuted and the AG's presence in London was about the bail application and nothing else.
Nigerians living thousands of miles away do not fully understand the criminal legal system in the UK nor do they understand the way the Metropolitan Police work. This is not their fault as they are brainwashed by daily newspaper reporters who also do not understand what they write.
The Metropolitan Police is an autonomous service and is in no way influenced by any outsiders- including Tony Blair and President Obasanjo!!!!!!
What question one must ask oneself is this- What innocent person runs away? 

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